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Welcome to Final Stand Ver. 4

Konnichiwa, minna-san~! Welcome to the domain of Yume Kasai, where I keep track of all my websites, and give links to all my friends, including some information about them and myself. Please enjoy, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me~! ^ _ ^V

Navigation of the site is simple enough...
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Well, FINALLY got a new layout up. I really QUITE like this one. I'll miss Cheza-san alot, but this guys just totally hot...I randomly dubbed him Romeo because of the Romeo & Juliet quotes on the layout. And it taught me a new word 'quixotic'. I really quite like that word alot. ^ _ ^v Nothing else right now.

Been a DAMN long time since the last update. And I have a bunch to do, and I'm not going to do it. >_>;; In any case, I have a few new pages, one of which is Eden's Blog, 'Torn Memories'. Please remember this isn't a real blog, is not referring to anything in the real world...but, within the blog, obviously, IS real. ^.^v
Torn Memories

Welp! Updated my blog a nice little bit. I still don't have everything up there, but its got a nice new perty layout and whatnot. So vwalah! Enjoy. Its for my RP character, Rath, who looks like Kamui from X/1999 (which I'm currently collecting the manga of), seeing as he's recently suffered alot in the rp... v.v

*sigh* Well, I added a banner and link to my fanfiction page page and my icons/doll/grafix page, Dreams Creation under shrines. As always, random updates at the lj and gj, and I added Faith Donavan's page under friends. Also updated the Stuffers section.

Well heres to the start of something new. Or...rather just something improved. For the most part, Final Stand has been nice and completely revamped, same stuff, new layout. Enjoy the prettiness of Cheza from Wolfs Rain. ::adores layou:: Also on the update list, I have updated both Memory of a Dream and Not An Angel. Also, there are link back banners under sanctuaries, letter "U". ^.^V

Nothing much, gonna finish up the new layout soon, and I'm gonna be closing Dragon Goddess until I find a new layout. And...thats about it. ^.^v (and of course, random updates at Not An Angel)

Uh..well, haven't really updated much of anything as of late, though...I did just update my greatest journal, though really, its not at ALL important. XP; I should have a nice big pitas update tomorrow though...hopefully... >.> Also, I recently added a profile and some music information to Inerasable Sin and some profile information to Caged Bird
Memory of a Dream

Updated my GreatestJournal...if anyone knows where that is. XP And Added some information under "Mr.Fear" at the Lose Control.

::sigh:: More shrines~ I really need some help....Also, updated the lj. Though...its stupid and no one will get it...Also, the only thing up right now at any of the shrines (pathetically enough) is "Doubtless" at Panic's page.
Inerasable Sin (Yume shrine)
Caged Bird (Panic shrine)

Made some more Shrines~ Plus a blog....thing... >.>;; Anyway, here are the links:
Phantom Dreamer (New Blog thing)
Dragon Goddess (Sakura Shrine)
Nowhere and Everywhere (Dauragon Shrine)

Made a couple of shrines to various characters. Still have bugs to work out, but here are links to the two that are looking on their way to completion quickest...Shrines to Eden and Albedo respectively.
Poison Paradise
Lose Control

2/6/05 Added my 'Obsession' page.

Haven't done much with the site yet... ::lazy ass:: Best I did was get rid of that old pixelated layout and get this perty one. ^ - ^ V

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